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Service Sector Performance and its contributions to the Europe 2020 strategy: Results and policy implications arising


 from the SERVICEGAP and INDICSER projects


29 and 30 January 2013



Welcome to all those who have attended the conference, and thank you - your input was very much appreciated!  The papers that the presentations draw from can be found on our Discussion Papers pageReview Papers page, and Policy Briefs page.  The papers from the SERVICEGAP project can be found on SERVICEGAP publications pages (Discussion papers, Review papers and Policy Briefs).  Please feel free to send us your thoughts on the work!



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Understanding the economic impact of market services on aggregate economic growth in the EU, and its comparative performance relative to competitor regions, e.g. the US, is of vital importance when formulating effective EU policies in this area. The SERVICEGAP and INDICSER research projects have been working on these issues since 2010, and are now presenting their results at a workshop to be held on Tuesday 29 January and Wednesday 30 January 2013. The workshop includes two lunchtime sessions focussed on the relevance of the findings to policymakers, comprising a short summary of the research findings and time to debate the implications for the Europe 2020 strategy. In addition there are two sessions presenting policy relevant research papers arising from the projects.


The workshop is open to all, with each session designed to be stand alone so you can choose which to attend (there is no need to pre-register, just turn up!).  You can download the Programme here, and presentations will be made available as soon as possible after the meeting, so please check back.


The INDICSER project

This project ran from January 2010 to December 2012, so the research work has now finished.  Some reports and documents are still being finalised, but many are already available on our Discussion Papers page, Review Papers page, and Policy Briefs page.  If you have any comments or queries on any aspects of the project, please contact the revelant academic, or send a general query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What was INDICSER?

The objective of the INDICSER project was to develop indicators which provide information on the performance of service sectors in the EU. At the heart of the project were concerns that such indicators should be valid in terms of concepts, measurement methods and feasibility but should also have value in terms of their usefulness for policy. Therefore the approach adopted was to include both an EU-wide application of existing concepts and develop and experiment with new concepts. This was carried out within an overall coherent structural framework designed to address the key issues of productivity and value for money.


Who was involved?

The project work was divided into a number of workpackages (WP), carried out by academic researchers in a range of European institutes and universities. The co-ordinating institution was Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK.


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