Discussion Paper 38

Measuring output and performance in service sectors: Summary and Future Challenges

Robert Inklaar1, Mary O’Mahony2, Marcel Timmer1 and Martin Weale3

1 University of Groningen (RUG), Netherlands
2 Birmingham Business School (BHAM), Birmingham, UK
3 National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), London



The main objective of the INDICSER project was to develop indicators of outputs and inputs and drivers of productivity growth for services sectors. Both market and non-market services were covered. The project produced three types of outputs - papers on conceptual and measurement issues, development of indicators and analytical papers on drivers of productivity and economic performance across EU countries. This summary paper covers aspects of the first two. The paper first outlines the main features of the INDICSER database. It then focuses on four areas of concern for measurement – producer price indices for services and measuring output in financial services, health services and collective services.


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Measuring output and performance in service sectors: Summary and Future Challenges

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