Review Paper 10

A Summary Index on Innovation in Services


Christian Rammer

Zentrum fuer Europaeische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), Mannheim, Germany



The Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) provide a number of indicators on innovation activities in service industries across Europe. These indicators have been utilised in the INDICSER project as one source to measure performance of the service sector (see Saam et
al., 2010). Based on these indicators, the present paper attempts to summarise the innovation performance of service industries by calculating a Summary Index on Innovation in Services (SIIS). It builds upon earlier work using CIS indicators for measuring innovation performance in services (see Kanerva and Hollanders 2006, Arundel et al. 2007, Hollanders and Kanerva 2009). The SIIS allows to comparing innovation performance across different industries in the service sector as well as service innovation performance of countries. The SIIS can be used, among others, for constructing industry controls in econometric modelling that capture industry differences in the innovative capabilities between service industries.

The SIIS builds upon the methodology developed for the Innovation Union Scoreboard and uses data from the three most recent CIS, 2004, 2006 and 2008. The SIIS is calculated both for NACE rev. 1.2 sections and divisions and for NACE rev. 2 sections and divisions.

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A Summary Index on Innovation in Services


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